My Work off Camera

July 7, 2009 at 6:11 am (Uncategorized)

DSC_2335_web DSC_2334_web

So why should we create yet another BLOG?  Aren’t there already enough BLOGs in our cyber world?   And most of all…what could the man behind the woman, behind the camera offer to the general public to have an interesting BLOG? 

But the answer to all these questions is the simple fact that we become involved with our customers’ experiences.  We allow ourselves to become family for our brides and grooms, best friends to our engagement couples and trusted advisors to our graduating seniors.

We  truly enjoy what we do, and I, as the man behind the woman, behind the camera, see, hear and participate in occurrences that may entertain, amuse, and baffle the average BLOG reader.  

These above images are an example of my work off camera.   As our customers can attest to, I hold the grey card, I am the reflector or blocker of light, and most of all, I add some humor to allow the customers to forget there is a big ugly camera pointed directly at them.   

On this shot, Tim and Tracy had an extraordinary day with us in San Francisco and I couldn’t think of  two better people that enjoy and deserve each other.   Thanks guys for showing us your part of the city.



  1. jmanos said,

    And most importantly, you keep the brides on schedule and are “keeper of the lipstick”. 🙂

  2. Kelly said,

    Keeper of the lipstick and “water bottle boy” 🙂

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