My Man Card

July 27, 2009 at 5:32 am (Weddings)


Hyatt Regency in Sacramento with Jennifer and John


Gold Hill Winery with Lawrence and Kate

Here we are, ready for another issue from ‘The Man behind the Woman, behind the Camera”.   Today we capture the male assistant species in his  natural habitat.  Well, someone has to hold all the expensive purses while the extended family pictures are in progress.  An onlooker estimates several hundred…eh, thousand dollars of purses from Prada, Gucci and Coach (oh, and grandma’s from  Target).  But, as a quality service provider would do , I stood by patiently while the guys from the wedding party threatened to revoke my “Man-Card”. 

Honestly, this is one of the many tasks that I, “the Man behind the Woman behind the Camera”  find myself doing that usually surprises our brides and grooms and what our potential clients can’t even grasp is possible on wedding day.

So I challenge, or requst, that all of our existing and past customers could  chime in with a couple examples of the “Man” assistant or the lady photographer exceeding your expectations on your fabulous wedding day and help all of our future brides and grooms understand that Ford Family Photography is more than just awsome images and a great day, it’s also about the service you will never forget.


  1. Sarah Miranda said,

    I’ve got a couple of photos. How can I send them to you?

    • bsoren said,

      Hi Sarah! How are you doing? Please send us a note through the website… with your email address and we can walk you through the steps. We would love to have your input and feedback on the blogs as well.
      Keep in touch! We still have “Woodstock”.

  2. Lindsay said,

    Don’t forget about the makeup…though that is hidden! 🙂 Couldn’t do it without you.

    here’s mine:

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