A {FAN} of the Bride

August 26, 2009 at 11:29 pm (Weddings)


Well, Hello Again…   It’s time for what seems to be our monthly Blog  from the “Man behind the Woman behind the lens”.

Today, we exhibit an artful display of  customer service to our Bride and her three honored ladies by using a personal fan to keep her cool while telling jokes and entertaining the crowd of wedding party and onlookers alike at the Monte Verde Inn.   Past brides will recognize the orange  “Wedding Timeline”  in my back pocket.  This is a sort of script for the day that reminds me of  relative’s names and relationships, picture requests, scheduled activities and, of course, the general timeline from arrival thru the reception events.  This information has been gathered from the consultation we have with the Bride and Groom at least a month or so  (somtimes even at the engagement session) before the wedding.

So, now you know…  the “Man behind the Woman behind the lens”  isn’t just a funny, cunning, dapper, and resourceful coordinator, but also an organized and determined individual  focused on the task of having you enjoy your special day.  Let us worry about the details.

Ford  Family Photography will do more than just show up and take a couple of special “snapshots”  for your wedding album. We,  photographer and coordinator, look  forward to making your day unique on many levels along with many cherrished images for all to share.



  1. Cynthia said,

    Absolutely the best. Thank you from the bottom of my heart – the day was perfect…

    Rebecca and Barry are the best – Barry and Rebecca are the best – they make the day you are getting married flow and they demonstrat first hand what and husband and wife can accomplish – it’s fantastic…

  2. Maria Waters said,

    I was surprised at how much Barry pampered me during our wedding photos. “What? You are going to hold the glass and straw for me while I take a drink?” You both made the day extra special, not just from the photos, but from the amazing connection we felt with you. It has been four years now, but the first thing out of our mouth about our wedding is still you two and how great you are. Thank you so much.

    Steve and Maria Waters ~ November, 2005

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