A Little “Family” Secret

September 20, 2009 at 6:55 pm (Weddings)

The growing excitement of the reception is heightened and the ladies are anticipating an invitation to the dance floor.   The DJ opens the mic to announce that he needs all of the single girls to participate in a wonderful tradition, the tossing of the bridal bouquet.  The women gather on the dance floor, the DJ’s music builds and the bride…the bride…WAIT…why is the bride whispering to this well dressed coordinator guy that works with the wedding photographer?  Where did he come from?


You, as a guest or family member, may have seen him throughout the day.   He’s helped organize the pre-wedding pictures (all awhile treating the bride like a princess) and he’s been seen hanging around the groom and his guys, laughing and keeping them on task.   Then, as the wedding ceremony began, you see him again holding the bride’s gown & train while she and her dad make their way to the  beginning of the aisle runner with her groom anxiously waiting at the other end.  

But why is that  “Man Behind the Woman Behind the Lens”  talking to the bride NOW at the reception?   The ladies begin organizing a ruckus crowd and start making demands…less talking and more action.  This clamorous crowd commences chanting “throw the bouquet…throw the bouquet.”  So, finally he wraps up his secret agent agenda and Rebecca, the photographer signals the DJ and the countdown begins…321  and…


what happened?  The girls are astounded and a gasped at what has taken place.  Was it a mistake or something premeditated by the well dressed “Man Behind the Woman Behind the Lens?”

Well, all of our brides know what is said during the dance floor meeting.  But, as for the rest of you…it wouldn’t be a “family” secret from Ford Family Photography if anybody was able to just pull it up on a plain ol’ blog and read about it.  Would it?

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  1. Diana Whaley said,

    I’m very curious now! I’m not doing a bouquet toss since there is a lack of single ladies on my guest list…what then Barry? Do I still get to hear this secret? 🙂

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