Fun at a Wedding?

January 27, 2010 at 11:52 pm (Weddings)

It has always been my wife, Rebecca’s  job … to focus … to ensure that the bride and groom’s (our clients) day is well organized, their timeline for the day makes sense and everyone is well informed and communicated to prevent any unwanted surprises. 

So, a new client or unaware mother-in-law may wonder what the need would be for “the Man behind the Woman behind the Camera” might be? I  agree, off-the-record of course, that I don’t contribute much to the final timing of the events (that’s between Rebecca, the bride & groom and the other vendors) or the inclusion or exclusion of festivities or even the list of images that must be captured for the special day.  What I, “the Man Behind the Woman Behind the Camera”,  hopes to bring to every wedding I attend is a sense of normalcy and trust from the bride and groom that we, Ford Family Photography, are watching and steering their day in the direction that allows them to enjoy the day…effortlessly. From the beginning of the interactions that we have with the parents when we arrive up to two hours before the ceremony to late into the reception when we leave our job, is to let everyone know it’s all going to be great and WE ALL WILL HAVE FUN. By the end of the day I have shared time with the venue coordinator, the parents, the wedding party, the officiate, the videographer, the caterer,  the DJ/band, the guests, those giving toasts, the grandmas and of course, extensively, the bride and groom.  

So, forgive me, “the Man Behind the Woman Behind the Camera” if occasionally an image is captured of a laughing moment or a guffaw being shared with a fellow vendor like Joe here at Sj’s Disc Jockey and think of it as a reflection of another wedding that has been enjoyable, well done and yes, FUN!

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  1. Ashley Herrmann said,

    I have to day that my favorite memory of Barry from our wedding was…the dr.pepper in our head table photo!!! We decided to not have a bar and my husband was super bummed there was no soda! So, naturally Barry found q vending machine and bought a dp! It was sitting on the table when we arrived!!! There are so many memories since then with him…we just abosolutly love the Ford family!!!!!

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