The Wedding Day is NOT…

May 17, 2011 at 8:35 pm (Life Styel Photography, Uncategorized, Weddings)

When my wife the photographer, first shows up at your  wedding (usually 2-3 hours before the “I Do’s) she is looking for the BRIDE to make sure all is well  and if we can do anything to help things. The first time my wife “radios” to me, it’s usually to assist the BRIDE with some task that needs to get done. When Rebecca is ready to begin the pre-wedding photos, it is the BRIDE my wife wants me to help guide to that perfect place to capture her radiance. And when the ceremony begins…where is the “man behind the women behind the camera”… I am most likely with the BRIDE telling her some humorous story or some procedural detail that will be forgotten as soon as that special music begins. Not that I mind any of this…in fact I, “the man behind the women behind the camera”, have a lot of fun and  enjoyment going that extra mile or two to make the day shine for all involved… But honestly…. the Bride… the BRide… the BRIDE!!!

Well this past Saturday, May 8th …  The wedding day was not about the BRIDE!!! Well it wasn’t only about the BRide…  Well okay, there was this one moment, while Rebecca, “the woman behind the camera” was creating  just the right pose and transitioning on to the next “just the right pose” the groom… yes the other half of this matrimonial duo… stopped and wanted a picture with the bride… no i don’t think so…but wanted a picture with none other than the photographic assistant… the humorist of the day… the… yes one more time , a picture with the “man behind the women behind the camera”.

So I take this blog space to say thank you to Dave and Morgan…but mostly Dave…for taking this quiet, soft-spoken photography assistant out from behind the scenes and allowing him to feel celeberty-like… just like all those BRIDES!!!! 

I love my job!

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