The “Grey” side of FordFamilyPhotography

July 5, 2010 at 11:36 am (Engagements, Life Styel Photography)

 When new customers are searching the internet for a photographer, they view hundreds, maybe thousands of images to try to calculate a company’s abilities and experience.  They may be looking for senior/graduate, newborn, family or wedding photography but can one really tell whats the right fit based on a website?  Can my wife or a studio explain in black & white terms why we … er … they will capture the moments in just the right way.
That’s where Ford Family Photography’s “GREY” area comes in…

On all our photo shoots we have one rule… maybe two.  We will take quality images, actually Rebecca will, and the second emphasis will be to have fun, that’s where I come in.  I don’t intend to become an entertainer or a sideshow act, but then, before I know it I’m feeding off the energy of our customers.  In this case, Janell and Jordan, and the laughter is contagious.  (side note…dont get the photographer laughing too much…she may give you “the” look)  


We can be on our 10 acre ranch, a miniature golf course or San Francisco and recently, Monterey and the humor is all around us.  Out comes the grey card.  Our customers start with curiosity then they have a lot of fun with it.   In steps the photographer’s assistant with this grey card that breaks the ice and starts the slap=stick comedy.

Side note… Time really does fly when you’re having fun

Hopefully, our past and current customers can share some stories in the comment section that will expose the truly “grey” side of Ford Family Photography with the newbies looking for the black and white facts.


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