Family Photography is Child’s Play?!

November 10, 2010 at 12:11 pm (Family, Life Styel Photography)

It was a Wednesday… a 3:30 afternoon appointment… a late October date… in a rice field… with the combine harvesters roaring in the background… a family session in the mist of the rice cultivation…and oh yah… the 18 month little girl, doesn’t necessarily take kindly to strangers… especially male strangers.        GAME ON!!!!

For all those weddings and all those family photo sessions I’ve participated in, children were my least challenge to get a smile, a look, or a laugh out of.  Armed with my bag of tricks containing various Pez dispensers, squeaker, bells and whistles, we have met very few pre-adolescence that fail to enjoy the quick wit or physical antics of the “man behind the woman behind the camera” (which is where I am usually performing this act for their individual amusement). 

So…….when I was informed, in my pre-session briefing, to be cautiousness of  being over the top and loud  –  I was thinking of alternative humorous tactics.

But lo and behold the slapstick won out.  By sessions end, Ricki Lynn and I were great friends.  We playing hide-in-go-seek in the rice field… raced through the tire tracks and best of all… Ricki Lynn let me hold her while her brother had his own photo session.

This Family Photography business could be hard stuff… but with moments like this one… we wouldn’t trade it for anything else!


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