The Wedding Day is NOT…

May 17, 2011 at 8:35 pm (Life Styel Photography, Uncategorized, Weddings)

When my wife the photographer, first shows up at your  wedding (usually 2-3 hours before the “I Do’s) she is looking for the BRIDE to make sure all is well  and if we can do anything to help things. The first time my wife “radios” to me, it’s usually to assist the BRIDE with some task that needs to get done. When Rebecca is ready to begin the pre-wedding photos, it is the BRIDE my wife wants me to help guide to that perfect place to capture her radiance. And when the ceremony begins…where is the “man behind the women behind the camera”… I am most likely with the BRIDE telling her some humorous story or some procedural detail that will be forgotten as soon as that special music begins. Not that I mind any of this…in fact I, “the man behind the women behind the camera”, have a lot of fun and  enjoyment going that extra mile or two to make the day shine for all involved… But honestly…. the Bride… the BRide… the BRIDE!!!

Well this past Saturday, May 8th …  The wedding day was not about the BRIDE!!! Well it wasn’t only about the BRide…  Well okay, there was this one moment, while Rebecca, “the woman behind the camera” was creating  just the right pose and transitioning on to the next “just the right pose” the groom… yes the other half of this matrimonial duo… stopped and wanted a picture with the bride… no i don’t think so…but wanted a picture with none other than the photographic assistant… the humorist of the day… the… yes one more time , a picture with the “man behind the women behind the camera”.

So I take this blog space to say thank you to Dave and Morgan…but mostly Dave…for taking this quiet, soft-spoken photography assistant out from behind the scenes and allowing him to feel celeberty-like… just like all those BRIDES!!!! 

I love my job!

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Family Photography is Child’s Play?!

November 10, 2010 at 12:11 pm (Family, Life Styel Photography)

It was a Wednesday… a 3:30 afternoon appointment… a late October date… in a rice field… with the combine harvesters roaring in the background… a family session in the mist of the rice cultivation…and oh yah… the 18 month little girl, doesn’t necessarily take kindly to strangers… especially male strangers.        GAME ON!!!!

For all those weddings and all those family photo sessions I’ve participated in, children were my least challenge to get a smile, a look, or a laugh out of.  Armed with my bag of tricks containing various Pez dispensers, squeaker, bells and whistles, we have met very few pre-adolescence that fail to enjoy the quick wit or physical antics of the “man behind the woman behind the camera” (which is where I am usually performing this act for their individual amusement). 

So…….when I was informed, in my pre-session briefing, to be cautiousness of  being over the top and loud  –  I was thinking of alternative humorous tactics.

But lo and behold the slapstick won out.  By sessions end, Ricki Lynn and I were great friends.  We playing hide-in-go-seek in the rice field… raced through the tire tracks and best of all… Ricki Lynn let me hold her while her brother had his own photo session.

This Family Photography business could be hard stuff… but with moments like this one… we wouldn’t trade it for anything else!

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It’s like riding a bike…isn’t it?

October 1, 2010 at 9:37 am (Life Styel Photography, Weddings)

“All the wedding stuff seems  so complcated…what to do , when to do it…how to make the wedding party, the guests and the new in-laws happy, while making the day fun and stress-free… doesn’t it get old ?” 

This was a comment/statement directed to us recently by a couple who came by with their 12 month old for a family session and reminisced about their wedding five years ago.  How the images were great… how the help with the planning was invaluable… and yes… how it seemed Barry was everywhere… why do you still do it week after week for the last fifteen plus years?

   The Man Behind the Woman Behind the Camera had a one phrase answer… “its fun… we still have fun”

The people are different, the venue is different, the theme is different, the mood can be different but all in all it is a happy day that we , Rebecca and I (the man behind the woman behind the camera) enjoy being a part of.  To set the record straight, Rebecca does all the scheduling, communication, contacts and puts out the fires leading to the great day… then i show up on wedding day with the intent of having fun and letting the bride and groom have fun… and it happens effortlessly.

So, it’s not every day that we get to include bicycle riding in a wedding photo session but when the opportunity presented itself, we ran with it and captured the bride and grooms’ personalities while having fun on their great day.

Oh yea… when the bride finished riding her Pink Sand Cruiser, I saw an opening to have some fun with the groom.  I hopped on and even though I had not rode on a pedal powered bike in years, it was fun and allowed the bride and groom to laugh.

So wedding day is like ridding a bike; a bike… is a bike… is a bike…. but as long as your laughing the ride is still fun!

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The “Grey” side of FordFamilyPhotography

July 5, 2010 at 11:36 am (Engagements, Life Styel Photography)

 When new customers are searching the internet for a photographer, they view hundreds, maybe thousands of images to try to calculate a company’s abilities and experience.  They may be looking for senior/graduate, newborn, family or wedding photography but can one really tell whats the right fit based on a website?  Can my wife or a studio explain in black & white terms why we … er … they will capture the moments in just the right way.
That’s where Ford Family Photography’s “GREY” area comes in…

On all our photo shoots we have one rule… maybe two.  We will take quality images, actually Rebecca will, and the second emphasis will be to have fun, that’s where I come in.  I don’t intend to become an entertainer or a sideshow act, but then, before I know it I’m feeding off the energy of our customers.  In this case, Janell and Jordan, and the laughter is contagious.  (side note…dont get the photographer laughing too much…she may give you “the” look)  


We can be on our 10 acre ranch, a miniature golf course or San Francisco and recently, Monterey and the humor is all around us.  Out comes the grey card.  Our customers start with curiosity then they have a lot of fun with it.   In steps the photographer’s assistant with this grey card that breaks the ice and starts the slap=stick comedy.

Side note… Time really does fly when you’re having fun

Hopefully, our past and current customers can share some stories in the comment section that will expose the truly “grey” side of Ford Family Photography with the newbies looking for the black and white facts.

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